Renewable energy companies back 2020 renewable energy Scotland targets

Renewable energy companies like Eco living are helping the Scottish Government meet their renewable energy Scotland targets. Climate change, peak oil, high oil prices and increased government support are helping drive beneficial renewable energy legislation, incentives and commercialization. The aim is for the nation to be a renewable energy Scotland by 2020 with renewable sources generating the equivalent of 100% of Scotland’s gross annual electricity and a milestone of 31% by 2011. Another target for 2020 is for renewable s sources to provide the equivalent of 11% of Scotland’s heat demand. Scottish ministers are not the only ones backing the target  it has been endorsed by industry leaders such as renewable energy companies. They believe the target is ambitious but achievable.

The company inspires to be like the Scandinavians who have been leading eco-friendly solutions since the 1970′s. Heat pump systems transfer thermal energy from one source to another that is of higher temperature than the original source.Unlike other heating systems, heat pump systems can also be used for cooling; the operation is run in reverse. Another advantage of heat pumps is that they are more energy efficient than oil and gas boilers.

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Renewable Energy Technology Has Lots of Potential

The four most important renewable energy technologies– solar, wind, hydrogen and biomass have lots to offer. Wind power is seen as having the maximum potential in terms of development and investment. It has generated interest in the governments and people because if its cost-effectiveness in producing electricity. Some of the countries which are embracing wind power on a huge level are Spain, Germany, India, America and China. The renewable energy sources are replenish-able and will never run out. The maximum amount of renewable energy comes from sun and the solar energy can be directly used for heating and lighting the houses and even business premises.Did you know that sun is also responsible for varying patterns of wind, which is then captured by the wind turbine? In present scenario where pollution is at its peak and we are breathing polluted air along with coping with the global warming effects, using renewable energy technology’s important as not only it has environmental benefits, it also saves you tons of money.

Most of the homes today use fossil fuels generated grid power as a source of electricity. However, with increased awareness people have started concentrating on solar power systems and wind turbines. The wind turbines are mounted on high tower so as to capture as much wind as possible. The turbine captures wind with the help of blades. Usually 3 blades are present in a turbine. When the wind blows, low pressure is formed just below the blades, which causes the rotor below the turbine to turn.

If you want a detailed plan you can go on the Internet and get one. There are many manuals which have these instructions. Buy that manual which gives clear instructions.

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Renewable Energy Stocks

The key to our global energy necessities in the time to come is Renewable Energy. Nowadays we are loosing our supply of uranium and fossil fuels. Not only we are running out of these energy stocks but the costs rises constantly for economic or political reasons. The prices of renewable energy stocks can turn much more competitive. Utilizing the latest technologies, most ocean energy is not cost-effective likened to other renewable energy stocks still the ocean persists as one of the big potential energy reservoir for the time to come. Renewable and non-renewable energy reservoirs are both applied to generate electrical energy, power vehicles, and provide heating, cooling, and light.All over the world we recognize that utilizing inexhaustible resources has the potential to supply us with fresher air, a more diverse energy portfolio, and less dependence on foreign fossil fuels.Presently renewable resources scores for just 3.4 percent of total global power generation.

The International Energy Agency recently published a news report forecasting that in order to cut down greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2050, global investment funds in renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon sequestration will need to reach roughly US $45 trillion dollars by that date.They are bearing that 60% of all our energy will come from renewable resources by the year 2070. Renewable energy is sustainable energy that comes from the natural surroundings. Renewable energy or also known as Green Power, is power that comes from renewable resources such as the sunlight, wind, hydro-electric dams and organic matter (biomass). These resources are incessantly replenished by nature and are a healthier source of energy.

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Fossil Fuels Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels are at present the major source of energy. These are found in the lithosphere (earth).  Their demand is increasing with industrialization and urbanization. The types of fossil fuels include coal, oil and natural gas. They are non renewable and exhaustible energy resources Oil and natural gas reserves are confined to few countries and are limited. These may exhaust in 15 to 20 years.Coal reserves are wide spread and abundant. They are found in many countries including Japan, China, Russia, UK, USA, Poland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Indonesia and India. In India, coal occurs in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Bengal, Maharashtra, Andra and Malayalam. Coal may be used as or converted into liquid fuel and methane gas.  Use of oil and coal pollute the air. Natural gas is a pollution free source of energy.The fossil fuels being renewable energy are essential for the modern technology bases human society.

They are used in kitchens, industry, agriculture operations, thermal plants, automobiles, rail engines, planes, ships, communication, defense and heating. Besides energy, the fossil fuels yield many useful materials, such as petroleum products (gasoline, Benzene, Kerosene, Paraffin ete..,). In view of its utility, every country is exploring it’s own fossil fuels.The need for oil is a cause of political rivalry in the world and has led to wars.Some of the natural renewable resources such as geothermal power, timber, fresh water and biomass must be carefully managed to avoid exceeding the world’s capacity to replenish them.

A life cycle assessment can provide some systematic means of evaluating renew-ability. The term has a connotation to sustainability of the natural environment. Gasoline, coal, natural gas, diesel, & other commodities derived from fossil fuels are non-renewable. Unlike fossil fuels, a renewable resource can have a sustaining yield.Since the non renewable resources are depleting and our future is in danger, we have to preserve them and use renewable energy. Renewable energy is the substitute for non renewable energy, for example, biomass is a perfect

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